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Don't schlepp your bags

BaggyBoys is here to keep your comfort as high as possible. Why would you carry those bags the whole day? With one scan in-store you can check-in your bags and send them directly to your hotel, home or to one of our pick up points.

Your purchases will be safely transported to your desired location and everything is insured. This way you keep your hands free to enjoy the city.
We take care of your bags so you keep your comfort. Shop hands-free.


Stores & Hotels

Here you can find a selection of beautiful stores which take care of your comfort by providing the BaggyBoys service. We also show you a selection of hotels we deliver to. Is your shop or hotel not visible on this list…..don’t worry, download the BaggyBoys app and you’ll find all the listed stores on our digital shopping map. We even show you how to get there to make life easy. Be our guest.

Enjoy your time in the city and don’t forget….we are here to make your day a little bit more perfect!

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We keep it simple

We want our pricing just as easy as our service. That’s why we choose to offer the service for free when you spend it like the Beckhams……The shops are happy to have you as a guest in their store and they want to make sure you keep your comfort. So use the BaggyBoys service, leave your bags behind and enjoy the rest of your day…..hassle-free.

  • Free serviceWhen you spend more than € 150,00 in one shop
  • €0,00per bag
    • Send everything to your hotel, pick-up-point or home address
    • 100% insured
    • Keep your comfort as high as possible
    • Combine shopping with a city tour
    • Keep your hands free for ice-cream or a selfie
    • Hassle-free shopping
    • When you spend less then €150 the shop owner can ask a transport fee of maximum €7,50

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